~ Enjoying An Autumn Day ~

Autumn has announced its arrival
The leaves have changed their hue
They've yet to fall to the ground
Mother Nature hasn't given them their cue.

The time is not right to blanket the ground
With vibrant reds, yellows, and gold
One day the leaves will cascade down
Unable to maintain their hold.

I watch a leaf here and there
Being blown around by the wind
I skip a stone across the lake
Not wanting this season to end.

I watch as an ant crosses my path
Struggling with its burdensome load
Two frogs are jumping by the lake's edge
I can hear a croaking toad.

The birds are gliding on the currents
The sky has turned a shade of gray
A chill is now in the air
This is a typical autumn day.

Squirrels are scampering from tree to tree
Preparing for the winter ahead
But I will enjoy this autumn day
For winter is what I dread.

I venture back along the pathway
To our place beside the lake
I breathe in the crisp autumn air
As my heart begins to ache.

Weeks is all that's left of this season
Soon all the trees will be bare
Winter will be heralding its return
You can smell it in the air.

A fire is lit to remove the chill
I will savor the hours of this day
Autumn will be bidding its farewell
Leaving me wonting for one more day.

 Chee Chee Martin 2005


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Midi "Reflections In The Pond"
Matthew Drollinger
and is used with written permission

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