~*~ Escaping Reality ~*~

I tiptoe 'pon the sandy beach
breathe in the salty air
can feel a peace 'n calmness
breeze teases strands of hair

Seagull's gather overhead
to join me in my cry
wish I may, wish I might
'pon the brightest star

Waves waltz in to kiss the shore
shells carried in her skirt
sand-dollars rest within the dunes
lay hidden 'neath the dirt

Synchronized foam bubbles
play catch me if you can
as if to find lost treasures
buried in the sand

Pillows of white satin
release a gentle sigh
dolphins reach the surface
with their heads held high

Reflections in the water
dreams play peek-a-boo
scattered thoughts are random
bask in shades of blue

Silent as I stand here
finding inner peace
bits of pain and heartache
are washed away at sea

I pause to build a castle
sand mixed with smiles and tears
reflect upon my future
and long past yesteryears

It's here I find serenity
with gentle, warm embrace
thankful for these moments
where mem'ries are retraced

Balanced on the scattered rocks
my heart sings in reprieve
as ocean hums a lullaby
'n sets my spirit free

Rose Marie Streeter 2006

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