What is the recipe we all search for
What is our recipe for love?
Does our mind create this feeling,
Or is it sent down from above?

What is the necessary additive,
To our bowl of life?
Have we created laughter,
Or have we created strife?

What are the essential ingredients,
Our lives must have to cope?
Is it our own ideals we set in motion,
Or is it grace, with a pinch of hope?

Which bowl do you mix up,
Along life's paths, and streams?
Does your bowl contain compassion,
For another's unlived dreams?

God has given you the recipe
Just look down deep inside
Your spirit soars within the chamber
Where your soul resides.

We must create a sweet surrender
A bag of love, a dash of tears
This makes for unregretful journeys
We will cherish through the years

Debbie Looney 2005

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