~ Eternal Prayer Arc ~

All across the sky's expanse
Let's hold our hands in prayer
Enveloping the world about
In everlasting care

Let's join our hearts in all we know
A bridge for every sorrow
So none will ever feel alone
Whate'er befalls tomorrow

Come, link our souls together
In all that God has done
Uphold, support and lift each one
Secure within His love

If passed from friend to friend
Then all are called to pray
For the blessing of God's wondrous peace
To keep our hearts today

Then like a ripple it will flow
Give birth from shore to shore
A reflection of the wondrous peace
And love to which we're called

Our God will hear the many voices
Drawing from His light
And bless the linking of His heartbeat
In the love that holds us tight

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007

Let it rain a little while - we stand where Jesus stood.
He knows about out sufferings and makes them work for good.
So thank Him for the care He gives and love He sends through friends.
For sometimes with the threads of love...our broken heart He mends.
Denise DeWald


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