~ Eternity’s Love ~

Many lifetimes ago when our souls were new,
We first met and I fell in love with you.
You were born a princess and I was born poor,
You lived in a castle and I saw you no more.
Our bodies grew old; then we died,
Our souls free again our love couldn’t hide.

Then again in our births; we were torn apart,
But a love like ours; stays in the heart.
Through this new life; though we never did meet,
In each of our hearts; our love was sweet.
We lived many long lives; in some we had fun,
But never together; we shared not a one.

Down through the pages of history went time,
Never in one life; could I claim you as mine.
Our love always lasted; though hidden away,
We knew through our love; that we’d be together one day.
Then in this lifetime; God saw us from above,
He placed us together, so we could share; eternity’s love.

 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney
 © 2006

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