~ Evening Prayer ~


As I watch the evening sun set upon the water,
Thoughts of you my dear, fill my heart my mind and soul.
And so I pray oh God, my gracious Heavenly Father,
Touch all those in pain, for it takes such a heavy toll.

We know you feel their hurt and taste the tears that fall,
When the pain over shadows, our faith can become lost.
It is a constant battle Satan rages, warriors will stand tall.
We plunge into the waters, where their souls are tossed.

We lift them high above the wildest waves and wind
As we pray in trust and love, believing angels abound
Together there we come and ask our Lord to send
All his mighty angels, the pain and tears to surround.

And as we see and feel the peace of His love,
We thank you Almighty God, for your gift so great.
That of answered prayers , as relief comes from above.
All we had to do was knock, You were already at the gate.

  Karen Kelley
Sept. 2, 2007

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