~ Eve of Miracles ~

On this Eve of Miracles
We reflect on what's to be
A Savior born in a Manger
A love for all to see

With high expectations
We celebrate His life
This little baby born in a Manger
To rise above all sin & strife

How could one little child,
Become the one our hearts longed for?
On this Eve of Miracles
I want to show you more


A Son of many talents
Would be born this day
A Star to alert His coming
Showing all, the way

Holy God, born in the flesh
To walk the earth as we
He knew the risk of coming here
But He knew this had to be


To save the world from heartache
He came to give all, life anew
So on this Eve of Miracles
Came ultimate love, for me, and you

Let this moment last forever
May we always see His light
Keep His spirit of Christmas shining
On this Eve of Miracles night

Merry Christmas shall ring out
Everywhere throughout the land
And in the silence find the reason
For His footsteps in the sand


Debbie Looney 12/20/2005

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