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~ Everlasting Hugs ~

You're just so near, I hold your hand
And I am close to tears,
As the line of life will ever run
From your sweet heart to mine.

Small Bear

A sacred link, a bond so strong
That we could never break,
This love, this life God gave so true
A gift for us to take,
But then I say, what might I do,
If in my box one day
I found no mail from you.

My heart would ache, a mystery deep
As this I know for sure,
Right now you mean so very much
And how could I find a way to keep
You with me anymore.

Small Bear

I am truly sorry this poignant thought
Is just too sad to own,
But it's something I must share
While your friendship I can know.

Dear friend, if there ever comes a time
That you are hurt or ill,
Or gone for untold time,
Then in your heart please keep forever
My loving with you still.

Small Bear

Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Thankyou for being so kind to me
you are a very special part of my life
Jenny Rhoe

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