What then shall we do
If Christmas is done
That loneliness now
Has somehow begun
Tired from the fun
And gone all the ones
We sought to love

But I am still here
When it all feels too much
And it's time to relax
So let's just be still
To give of our touch
I'll wish I could help
In all that you do
And just softly listen
An ear just for you

That bouncing board friend
Someone just there
When you'd like to share
A sorrow or joy
Just any old news
I will pray, I will care
From dawn until night
I'll give you my prayer

So just feel relaxed
Don't ever be shy
Or wonder why
Open up all your heart
And let your soul fly
Just put in each day
Some more Christmas flair
Waltz right on in
And call, are you there

Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

God is great in great things
and very great in little things.
Henry Dyer

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Midi Written by Red West Performed by Elvis Presley
Sequenced by
Deb Ackley, 10/24/98

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