~ Every Now And Then ~

Every now and then, I get a little lost
Just might stand out in the rain
Close my eyes to the world around me
Let God wash away all my pain

Might just sit a spell on the river bank
Talking to folks that only I can see
Skipping rocks for what seems forever
Cut a message in my favorite tree

Walk the same path I have always taken
Running through fifty acres of pine
Find my old rock and just sit and pray
Thanking God for this precious time

Often I will just stand out in the driveway
Cast that old sinker as far as itíll go
Never caught anything much worth eating
I keep trying because you never know

Watch the sun dip and touch the tree line
Sit and rock waiting on those stars
You never can tell when one just might fall
Maybe throw a wish from here to afar

Closing my eyes to the world around me
Might just stand out in the rain
All of this pain just let God wash away
I get a little lost every now and then...


Jeffrey Paul Guest © January 2010

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