~ The Face In The Mirror ~

When I woke up this morning, what did I see
A stranger in my mirror looking back at me.
I couldn't figure out what she was doing in there
And she looked back at me with a real funny stare.

Why, I knew when I saw her that it sure wasn't me
Who in the world could this stranger be?
We looked at each other almost in vain
Then something started to click in my wee tiny brain.

The face in the mirror was old and worn
Not nice and soft like mine when I was born..
The hair that once was black had now turned to gray
But the smile on her face was there to stay.

You know things in our lives change except our given name
Nothing about us ever stays the same.
You see, the face in the mirror turned out to be me
And I really didn't mind what I did see.

The stranger that I had seen in the mirror
To my eyes had almost brought a tear.
But after looking in the mirror I knew right then
That I was in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in.

DeVota H.Littrell 2005

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