~ Face Of Jesus ~

As Jesus took His walk to the cross
With blood for us upon His face
Imagine if a woman came running to Him
To feel His pain as if it were her own
If she took her veil and washed his grief
In hope some comfort He would know
Imagine if she looked in Jesus' eyes
There would be many things to see
One would be forgiveness, another stillness
And also love and peace
She would have loved this man she longed to know
Tears would fill her eyes
As the hours slipped by to afternoon
Yet it felt like night
She would hear thunder, lightning by the hill
Where the Romans put Him on the cross so high
She would have seen the way Jesus held Himself
And told everyone this man was special
That He was dying to take the sins of all mankind
As the prayer He told upon the Mount of Olives
Upon her knees she'd cry
With so much sorrow, she would wonder
If the men who put God's dear beloved Son
There on that cross to die
Understood, just what they had done.
But imagine in her home, if there was light
When outside was still so dark
Yet, she could see something wonderful
The face of Jesus Christ, His love within her heart
When all because of Him, the miracles had come
The sick were cured, the lame walked
Blind folk could see again
Souls were never more the same
All because The Son of God came
Blessed all He touched, in His dear Father's name
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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