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Sprinkles, sprinkles from above
Blessings to your heart
Lovely joys and sweetest things
Catch them in your palm

Sprinkles, sprinkles all around
Falling to your heart
Special prayers of love and beauty
Enhancing all you are

Sprinkles, sprinkles floating by
Clasp them to your heart
Sprinkles from the touch of God
Sent on my behalf

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Today, I sprinkled a little bless you
up to heaven, with your name on it
because you are such a warm and loving person
and such a very special friend

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Midi Tam Music Factory

Artwork By
Alfred Patten

This set is a very special gift from Kathryn, Thank You!
Thank you Kathryn!
Brought to you by 2007