~ Fairy ~

Upon my word I saw her
With sunlight in her hair
A bit a gold dust twinkling
Upon her skin so fair

A butterfly, not flying
Had landed on her hand
'Twas magic I was spying
I did not understand

Oh I had heard of fairies
In storybooks and such
Like birds gathering berries
I could see, but could not touch

She looked so bright and cheerful
With blue sky overhead
Amazed I was not fearful
I felt no sense of dread

At one point she did spy me
Pretending not to care
Her gaze fixed on a bumble bee
That was buzzing in mid-air

As sunlight grew much fainter
With stars wishing for night
I decided I would paint her
By glow of candle light

Her form I could not capture
As sunset pinked the sky
I stood and watched the rapture
As her butterfly flew by

Tomorrow I may find her
Tomorrow she might stay
No human heart can bind her
Magic holds her in its sway

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2007


In imagination there is laughter,
fun and, sometimes, healing.
Rest, relax, rejuvenate and
let your imagination sweep
you off to magical places today.


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