~ A Faithful Friend ~

I have a friend who's faithful
Who is honest, and sincere
He never leaves my side
When I am full of fear

He gives to me each morning
The sunshine, or the rain
Always there to help me
When I doubt, or when in pain

He keeps a watchful eye
If there is danger in my way
Leading me on the right road
So I am safe throughout the day

What friend would care so much
If I fail or succeed?
I believe His name is Jesus
So I let Him take the lead

He cries when I am hurting
Or when I do some things wrong
But He never will give up on me
Even when I am not strong

I would give my life ten times over
For this faithful friend of mine
For He gave His life for me one day
Long before I was alive

Now I know I'm loved so dear
Because He cares for me
I will never feel alone again
He is my eternity


Debbie Looney 6/1/2005
Copyright Dream World of Inspiration
All rights reserved.

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