~Faith Is...~

Now, faith is seeing visions
Of things that are not there;
And obeying JUST the Voice
That only you can hear;

It is accomplishing the tasks
Others think cannot be done;
It's falling down and getting up
And against odds, carrying on!

Faith is taking a blind leap
Into the great unknown,
Not fearing where you may land
Or the ground you land upon.

Faith is the entire journey
From birth right to the end;
Trusting in the Lord above
Knowing He's your friend.

It's knowing you are NOT alone
When no one is near by.
And believing in a Higher One
And NEVER asking why!

Faith is strength and hope and joy
And peace beyond compare.
It is facing each tomorrow
Knowing God is there.

Faith will see you through each day
No matter what may come;
And when this journey is complete,
'Tis faith that leads you Home!

Lynn King January 28, 2007

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