~ Faith, Hope and Charity ~

When I was very little
God sent me three angels to love
They are called Faith, Hope and Charity
They were sent from up above

My first angel Faith
Helped me believe in God's loving way
God is always with me
Every moment of the day

My second angel Hope
Is in my heart to stay
I Hope for everlasting life
God has given me today

My last angel is Charity
The most important one
I give myself in prayer for any who are lost
I never give up, no matter what the cost.

I must use these angels all together
Not one at a time
God gave me a job to do
To pray for all mankind

I will send faith
So people will believe
I will send hope,
So they know God will never leave

I will send Charity
So they will help God with the loving
Faith, Hope, and Charity
God's gift to you and me

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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Midi is used with permission copyright 2002 Geoff Anderson


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