~ Falling Tear ~

She is adorned in buckskin -
Beads and turquoise sewn around -
Her hair, long, black, and shiny -
Her soft skin a golden brown.

The Princess of a Nation
From those days of used to be -
When proud Indians could roam
From mountains to sea to sea.

The old customs of her people
She holds dearest to her heart -
And watching as those old ways die
Is tearing her heart apart.

Once, there were unwritten laws
Which most everyone would heed -
But the ways of the white man
Have planted a bitter seed.

He has raped the fertile land -
And plundered Gods' Creations -
He's stolen from and cheated
All of the Indian Nations.

The Government has written
Many treaties of false word -
And the red mans' cry for rights
To this day still go, unheard.

Falling Tear is an American -
A true native of this land
Whose tears fall for the injustice
As she waits for Truth to make a stand.


 Del "Abe" Jones

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