~ Fall's Beauty and Courage ~

Fall splendor abounds
Trees all now wearing their new seasonal colors
Some dressed prettily, but demurely,
In their soft buttery yellow
Others, wear their cheery orange
as they pay a bright homage to halloween
Awww...and the burnt coppery shimmering ones
Remind me of a love I once did have,
As the candlelight shone and played
Upon their hair

And how I love the vivid fiery passionate reds,
So vibrant and richly shining in the sun
Of their beauty and yes, courage
Enough can never be said
For in this metamorphosis and change
In this ritualistic season
Of beauty and dying,
They proudly give themselves up,
In defiance of this being sad or gloomy.

And when the Spring again does come
And the delicate new green growth appears
We can remember the courage of the Fall leaves
and the message for us they send,
Life is Wondrously Everlasting and never does this end....


Beverly Ann Calhoun 2005

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