~ Familiar Roads ~

So many times Iíve traveled,
Along familiar roads.
It seems like only yesterday,
But now Iím growing old.

Could it really be that long ago
When I was just a child?
It seems like only yesterday,
When life was free and mild.

Down this road we kids would go,
Our shoes not on our feet.
The feel of sand inside our toes,
Was such a refreshing treat.

My friends and I would run and play,
With not a care in the world.
But that was very long ago,
When I had ribbons in hair that curled.

Now, as I walk this same path,
Nothing looks the same.
The road that once was made of dirt,
Has concrete and four lanes.

The air around is hard to breathe,
And noise is all around.
I can no longer take off my shoes,
And feel the sandy ground.

The memories still linger,
But that is all that can remain.
I feel the joy of yesterday,
But it doesnít look the same.


© Karen Bunker
April 13, 2007

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