Faded family photos
From so long ago
Are now so precious
Their journals let us know

We resemble some family
Awestruck how similar we are
Face structure, eyes and hair
Distance in time was so far

Greeting cards they saved
Say as much of who we were
Lacy valentines of love
Gives insight and do concur

Dated letters from soldiers
Sent home to insure
Giving comfort to families
Not telling what they did endure

Fancy letters at the turn of the century
Of vacations or holiday cruise
Enjoyment of times long ago
Smiling when you read their muse

Similar interests in education
We connect with the past
Although clothing and hair styles differ
Family’s heritage will always last

Genealogy awakens and links us to our past
Just as in Our Bible they speak of generations
We are all related and come from Adam and Eve
Our heredity comes from many nations

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2007
Poet N My Soul

…these should learn first of all to put their
religion into practice by caring for their own

1 Timothy 5:4

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