~ The Family ~

A poem is a love song, sung by itís authorís pen.
A poem is the acquaintance of a new and trusted friend.
A poem is a family, a genealogy of word,
kinfolk of the authorís clan, a grandpaís stories heard.

The mother is a fertile mind, the father is a pen,
as they consummate their marriage, a poem may begin.
Each lyric is a sibling, stair-cased before the eye,
each line a motherís teaching, each rhyme a babyís cry.

Now sheís finished bearing, her family is complete.
She lines them up so proudly for all of you to greet.
The father writes the title, his little familyís name.
For this family poem no credit do I claim.

The Lord gave inspiration, let me bless His name.
The name I bless is Jesus, true friend and family.
Iím a child of His, adopted, 'cause he paid the price for me.
I feel so very lucky, Iím fortunate indeed!

One day my branch was grafted to Calvaryís
Family tree!

Robert O. Grilliot © 2007
As Inspired By The Lord

Dedicated to Betty Hill,
Freda Fries, Audrey Ross

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