I could never just presume to know
About all you're going through
I cannot even offer help
In all you have to do

I can't begin to feel your heartache
Of where you're at right now
Nor hear the song you hear
That seems to you so loud

I can never be quite near enough
To reach you with a touch
With my hands tied over here
I can't do so very much

I may suggest a verse of comfort
That might be a little help
And if I've been through something similar
I could share some how I felt

For I can't just say, I feel for you
And walk away today
When tender heartfelt thoughts
Are all I want to say

So I send you lots of love
As I say a heartfelt prayer
For the reassurance of God's love
And all His tender care

Be held in forever love in every way
For you I pray today

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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