~  Fibro-Malfunction  ~

This fibro rap
has got to go
makes me hurt
from head to toe
my shoes don't fit
they've grown to fat
I wanna kick
the puddy cat
eyes are red
from lack of sleep
cracklin sounds
in both my knees
mood is altered
weather's bad
clear the path
I'm really mad
my hips are sore
as is my back
I'm ready for
a spass attack
if this rap
don't end real soon
I may start barking
at the moon
this blasted headache
just won't quit
look out world
I'm in a fit
the dog next door
should shut his trap
so I can take
a needed nap
confused and ticked
what day is this?
temp is rising
wanna spit
fibro fog
to top the day
mood is scary
just back away
sick and tired
of neighbor's pets
for a dime
I'd ring their necks
kind and sweet
my general form
but not today
I've been transformed
don't mess with me
just step aside
lest you meet
with frankie's bride


Rose Marie Streeter 2006

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