~ First Easter Morn ~

Jesus spoke sweet words of love
And forgiveness for every one
Then bowed His head in silence
It is finished, now it is done

But even though He'd died
In such agony and pain
Death could not hold Him BOUND
For His body rose again

Death now swallowed up in victory
He now held the key
To life and death and salvation
For all eternity

That was the first Easter morn
In the Garden at the tomb
The stone was rolled away
In the early morning, before noon

He only had to accomplish
The will of the Father
Then be about the business at hand
The enemy now could not bother

Anything He was assigned to do
To finish the work here on earth
Then return to glory and wait
For the family on earth's new birth

So once again He could come back
To take the redeemed of the Lord
Back to live in heaven forever
According to His Holy word!

Betty Hill 2007

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