~ First Signs Of Spring ~

Here a little lily is peeping thru the ground
It's the first sign of spring I have truly found

The lawn is turning green once more
No more snow to shovel, as before

I hear the sounds of singing birds
That's the sweetest sound my ears have heard

Since the flakes of snow began to fall
And the howling winds began to call

I was happy when the winter came
But now I'm glad it's spring again

The thought of flowers here and there
The smell of spring is in the air

Now I am feeling quite revived
My sense of nature's come alive

The bees I hear, they're buzzing 'round
Little creatures crawling on the ground

It sure is very exciting, just to see again
The full green trees, swaying in the wind

Come now April showers and water all the earth
Keep all these things lovely, keep giving them rebirth

Betty Hill 2005

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