First Snowfall

The first snowfall of this winter
Came in with such a blast
Unlike the winter our parents endured
The winters of their past.

How many times have you heard
How they walked through drifts of snow
Never did they miss a day of school
All this they want you to know.

Their shoes all had holes in them
And one pair was all they had
Their coats were ragged and thread bare
And yes, they were scantily clad.

Having a car, was a luxury
Walking everywhere was the norm
Winters were more severe back then
It was hard for them to stay warm.

But watch their faces as they bring forth
The memories that will always last
Recounting days of their youth
And the winters of their past.

So sit and listen quietly
Even though you've heard it before
Smile when they tell you this
And always ask for more.

Chee Chee Martin 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul


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