~ First Snow Fall ~

As I stepped outside this morning
To take a little stroll
Ah, the beauty that surrounded me
Touched me deep within my soul;

There I saw a world of white
As pure as it could be
The sunshine made it sparkle
Oh, what a site to see;

The peace that come over me
To see the first snow fall
As a tiny snowflake kissed my cheek
I thanked God for it all.

The pine trees filled with heavy snow
As the branches touched the ground
I saw a bright red Cardinal
Just fluttering all around..

I stood there simply gazing
What a beautiful site to see
The doves, snowbirds and many more
Singing songs for me..

Godís handiwork abounding
As I opened my eyes to see
I felt His presence everywhere,
Even in the cold crisp breeze!

God gives us many blessings
From His store house in the sky
So take some time, enjoy them,
Donít let them pass you by!

Leona Etling © 2007

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