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~ American United Flight 93
 Flight To Heaven ~

Why can we not all be brothers or sisters
Has peace gone away,
The time was September 11, 2001
The day I now call, Flight to Heaven
Peace be with us on this tragic day

May I say a prayer with The Lord
for the flight to heaven
When unending hate came our way
American United Flight 93 lost forty souls
On what became their holy day.

A stewardess, was the first to die,
Horrifically, while the four terrorists
Took more lives, happy were they
Taking our American souls away.


In the Holy war, they made
The terrorists planned to bomb the White House
On the Flight to heaven
With these forty souls so brave,
But The Lord's prayer and Psalm twenty-three,
Our courageous Heroes prayed

On Flight 93, one voice rang out so very clear
"We are going to take them.
We will die, but we will die heroes"
Three terrorists were taken down, just one left
Piloting the plane, then a man's voice called
"Let's roll 'em"
Jesus face came upon them to say
"Flight to Heaven, come to me this very day"
This is why I died for all mankind
Live in paradise with me,
Until you meet your loved ones again"


Then the four American planes hit the towers
The flight to heaven had begun.
For those on the twin towers, in flames
The families of these dear ones
With little babies, cried
Helplessly waited for heaven's doors to open wide

We all looked for the end of pain
For some it would be weeks
Before they could talk above a whisper
May the American souls now born
And the children whose fathers or mothers were taken
Find love and peace from our dear Lord.

We pray that what we have fought for
Will never happen again
But those countries must stop teaching children to hate
and carry bombs that end American lives
May Jesus protect us always.


Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The peoples poet
In memory of those lost in the planes
and in The Twin Towers, 09/11/01

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