~ The Flower Shoppe ~

As I wandered through the door
There went the tinkly bell
The lady smiled as I approached
What would you like, do tell...

So I began my choices
Of how it had to be
Arranging the perfect bouquet
To express the heart of me

A warm and gentle softness
Blending color so divine
Some sparkles in a dewdrop
The sweetest fragrance you can find

It need not be the biggest
Or most expensive of them all
Just let it say, you're special
Within each petal fold

Give it that heavenly touch
A slip or two of blue
Do add that pretty pastel pink
Oh, that is lovely too
Now I'll just tuck in a little kiss
For I want to say
Thank you


Soft 'n' fragrant whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

The petals of a bouquet glistening with dew
A heartwarming gift
From my heart
Just for the heart of you

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