Flush Of Early Spring

~ Flush Of Early Spring ~

In the early flush of spring, I am coming
with a rose to bless your heart
Today, much more than yesterday
to blossom on your path

As the beauty of the warmth appears
how, we want to ask
How could such prettiness have been hiding
in all that seemed so harsh

To unfold
as a gift for us

In this pure delight, may beauty fill your moments
wonder occupy your days
Everlasting hope and joy abound always
as sweet fragrance on your way

Soft Whispers for spring from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Doesn't each each moment become too small for all the
thoughts we want to think, all the walks we
want to enjoy, all the words we want to read,
all the praise we want to feel
and all the hearts we want to love.

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