You fly with me
When I need someone close
And when I need to unravel
You are strong to give
To have me laughing
With your humor
When I need to belong
You listen to my soul
Understanding without me asking
Anything at all
You care about my dreams
When others may question
Yet you believe the same
And keep so still too
When you know
I am getting upset
And lovingly pray
Just like you always do
You try to keep my fears much smaller
As you have been there before
And know God can take me through
Whatever God says
Is part and parcel of it all
You let me chatter about the trifles
Taking an interest in my heart
And loving me just as I am
Thank you for being you
Always enough
My supportive friend
Flying on the wings of love
Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006
When I think of all the people in this wide world,
 God could have sent to you, he sent me.
  I can not begin to imagine
how wonderful you truly are
to the people that are closest to you,
when you are so wonderful
to a complete stranger that
met you over the internet.
 God does have a great way of putting people together that normally would have gone unknown to each other.  I don't question his reason for this wonderful friendship, I just enjoy it so very much and look forward  to each time I see your name appear on my email list. Thank you for being a true true friend. Along with this wish,
is all my love and hugs sent to you and yours.
God bless you and keep you always safe in his arms.
love you so much
Vickie Rickett

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