~ Fly, Little Leaf ~

Colored leaves break loose to fly
across the autumnís amber sky.
Floating freely hither and yon,
Twisting, turning, having such fun!

Across the yard they play so free,
It brings such wondrous joy to me.
How I wish that I could ride
With them on their airborne tide!

But, watch I must, and smile inside,
Knowing thru the winter Iíll abide,
Then spring will bring their kin to me,
To break free in fall so gracefully.

So, fly little leaf, fly far away!
I will see your kin someday,
When spring arrives, your last years home
Will have your siblings to break free and roam!

Enjoy your journey, see all you can,
There is so much beauty throughout this land.
My whispered prayers fly softly with you,
Sprinkle them gently as you travel thru.

Denise Lanford © 2004

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