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The  Fog
The fog is like a blanket covering everything
Its job is to conceal
Its hidden all the trees from our view
Making this morning seem so surreal.
The fog has swallowed everything in sight
There's dew caressing each blade of grass
I'm sure if the sun could penetrate this
It would make everything sparkle like cut glass.
But, alas, the sun is hidden from view
The fog has taken over our domain
Making our eyes play tricks on us
Getting ever thicker and making it hard to maintain.
But as I sit here straining to see
Shafts of light penetrate the density
Enabling my eyes to finally focus
On substances with some type of consistency.
It really is a beautiful sight
It's like you're living among the clouds
Everything is hidden and oh so quiet
The fog is like a shroud.
Chee Chee Martin 9/10/04


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