~ Follow Jesus...Not the Crowd ~

I finally found something to do today
I'll shave those nasty chin hairs away

Then all those skin tags hanging 'round
Will be pinched off as they are found

I'll cut off all the corns on my feet
That should keep them looking pretty neat

I'll then give myself a nice lotion rub
Since I no longer can get in the tub

Then comes the HAIR?? what to do?
I'll dye it black, Or silver blue???

Stick some of those new long lashes on
Put on my new dress and get going

To the street corner where they look like me
Could I catch a date?? I'll wait and see.

My eyes were dim no glasses to see
When I heard a motor, I thought, he's for me

Then a funny thing happened, I didn't expect
He put me in his car and told me to set

While he made a few calls down to the station
He said you're going on a little vacation

Well I soon learned just what he meant
It was a blue Paddy wagon that was sent

To haul me off to the same address
Where the other pretty ladies were at rest

They lined them up to hear their excuse
In just a little while, I said, no use

Not a story told, did they believe
Why on earth would they listen to me

My turn came and I began to cry
I'm really innocent was my reply

I'm just an old lady with nothing to do
alone in a house makes me feel so blue

In desperation I ended up here
Turn me loose, was my begging prayer

I'll call on Jesus and ask Him to help
A tattered old lady entertain herself

He was so loving and took me in
Cleaned up my life from all that sin

Get rid of that mirror and look to God
He's got a lot more to offer than an angry cop

Keep that life of yours working for Him
Then you'll never get in this mess again!

I'm heaven bound and can hardly wait
To hear the clink of the pearly gate!!

Betty Hill 2006


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