~ Follow Me Let's Go ~
I have a little plan
Something special we can do
But I say let's talk it over
To hear each other's point of view.
How about taking a waddle somewhere
Just imagine now, how it could be
First we'd call each other up
To arrange a time when we'd be free.
Then when the day arrives
We could fluff up in our casual best,
Meet at our favorite place
By the pond, I must confess.
What about setting ourselves beneath the willow
With a basket of delicious treats,
A big flask of creamy coffee
And after dinner mints.
Dream of how we'd just sit and watch the world
And chat to our heart's content,
On all the special things that come to mind
Until the sun has set.
Then with a sigh, we'd rise to go
With regret the time is done,
But I'm thinking we'd arrange to meet again
For it would have been such fun.
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2004
“A ‘common friendship’—who talks of a common friendship?
There is no such thing in the world.
On earth no word is more sublime.”
~ Henry Drummond ~

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