~ Follow The Light ~

Can you see?
A spark of light
Piercing the darkness
Illuminating the night.

Showing you the path
The way to go
Follow the light
So you will know.

Hear the words
Whispered to you
Pay attention
This you should do.

Walk through the darkness
Be not afraid
The Lord is beside you
The night will fade.

A light doth shine
From you it emanates
It comes from your soul
What the Lord did create.

Take His hand
Know His love
You'll walk through the valley
In Heaven above.

Stay on the path
Don't err or stray
Spread His word
On your knees, pray.

Love and blessings
Await for you
Shed your sins
Don't let them accrue.

Ask for forgiveness
Don't be ashamed
Speak to the Son
Shout out His name.

You will be forgiven
I promise you this
You'll go to Heaven
And know sheer bliss.

Chee Chee Martin 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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