My Mama fell in love
When she was sweet sixteen,
Her 'dearest' Romeo
The handsome one to see.
Such a romantic courtship
With all the tender looks,
Writing poems and love-notes
Cuddling into cozy nooks.
Then came the pretty wedding
In lemon, mauve and cream,
Bringing out the whole community
To celebrate their dream.
They settled in a wooden cottage
On fine farming land,
Then suffered tragic disasters
To break the heart of any man.
But instead, God came to them
To whisper, I love you,
I died to give you life
To bring you eternal joy that's true.
And so they trusted Him
For all that lay ahead,
He blessed and gave His strength
And by His wisdom led.
Now my Mama has the memories
To look back on and smile,
Her Romeo's still with her
And God's kept her all the while.
I am thankful for her courage
For laboring with love,
In living out her true faith
Her reward is waiting above.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

2004 used with permission








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