~ Footprints In Florida ~

Florida is known as the sunshine state,
The beaches, parks all do captivate.
The changing weather does exasperate,
When hurricanes, heavy rains and fires intimidate.

Fortunately local folks do recuperate,
Returning to normalcy, priorities dominate.
Knowing there is the prayer of regenerate,
The God of our fathers listens and correlates.

The sound of hammering on roofs, houses do motivate,
Vegetation removed, lawns restored renovate.
Through the worse storms of destruction, folks navigate,
Our God consoles, fills hearts with love, He's passionate.

Folks experiencing chaos in their lives, renegotiate,
Thankfully expressing faith in God, our Magistrate.
Life is not simple, burdens heavy, we gravitate,
Towards God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit incarnate.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2006


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