~ For All American Soldiers ~

For all American soldiers who fight ongoing war
I pray for you and all those you love the more
You are our heroes, always big and strong
With your help, we stay free from greater wrong

For each American soldier who puts down their life
In every country, everywhere you fight
Because you are our freedom's way
I look up to the heavens and forever pray

For all American soldiers who are so very brave
Your parents should be justly proud
Not knowing if their soldier will return as one
To live and breathe beneath our sun

For all Americans who are so battle torn
Your hearts and souls so very worn
Keep courage in the fight, yet unafraid
For you we proudly wave the flag
No other country can be as free as ours
While we pray for you God's mighty power

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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