~ For All The Males ~

This is for all the boys
The ones who are fourteen
Now noticing all the girls
And with them making the scene.

Going to all the dances
Trying to steal a kiss
Slow dancing with someone special
Childish pranks they now dismiss.

This is for all the young men
The ones who are twenty-one
So much is in store for all of them
Their lives have just begun.

Planning out their future
Settling down and taking a wife
Buying a house and having children
So much to do in their lives.

This is for the middle-aged men
The ones who are forty-five
Their children are now on their own
Struggling to get by.

Still working to pay off the mortgage
Their children stay in touch
Still asking Dad to help them out
Doing it because they mean so much.

This is for all the senior men
The ones who are eighty-seven
They seem to be wasting away
Just waiting to go to Heaven.

Their spouses have passed away
They're sad and all alone
No one to hug or comfort them
They're living in a nursing home.

Their children visit occasionally
They think their lives are complete
But they don't seem to understand
It's his life they're about to repeat.

Chee Chee Martin 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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