~ Forbidden Love ~

In my heart there is a burning,
For a love that is silently yearning.
I cannot tell him how I feel,
When I know this love can't be real.


I dream of nights with him alone,
And hope to have him for my own.
He has such a tender touch,
His arms around me would mean so much.

His kiss would be sheer bliss.
I know I am only dreaming this.
Mine is a forbidden love you see,
'Cause I know he will never love me.


It's a fire that I can't put out,
It is true love without a doubt.
I'll carry this torch all life through,
And wonder if he somehow knew.

Of the love for him I had,
How can a love like this be bad?
It's a love straight from the heart,
One where in dreams, we'll never part.


by Beulah Starr 2009

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