Forever Internet Friends 


~ Forever Internet Friends ~
Written by






Mary Anne

I see your angel wings,
In all that you do.
I see that halo shining,
You're too good to be true.

Perhaps I'm simply in a dream
Out in space somewhere
But I see you so plainly now
With ribbons in your hair

As you frolic to and fro,,
Your wings blowing in the wind.
I think of all the love,
That from your heart you send.

You always are so gentle
I've loved you from the start
God knew what He was doing
As He sent you to my heart

There's never been a time,
That when I called on you.
You wouldn't stop all you were doing,
To be a friend so true.

But what are friends for really
If they do not understand
That putting other things aside
Sometimes is God's own plan

God knew what he was doing,
Friendship has become an art,
As He pulls and tugs,
At each of our hearts.

Everything's so special
The things we find to share
When He was hunting you for me
He looked just everywhere

I thank Him for the time He took,
You've made my life complete.
You are the best Internet Friend,
That anyone could ever meet.

I'm just so glad He joined us
As mother/daughter/friend
We'll be together always for
We are 'Forever Friends'


Brenda King & MaryAnne Ray 2006

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