~ Forever Love Remains ~

I got to be your friend to share with you my love
I had the joy of playing, when it was time for fun
I could always sit with you when you were feeling ill
And pray through-out the night so you would soon be well

I had the blessing of your smile when a hug was all you craved
I could help you find some treasure in all you sought to save
I could sing the cutest songs as you would sing-along
And forgiveness always came when we might get it wrong

I got to wipe your tears every time you cried in pain
Swing with you in sunshine or play out in the rain
I could cook to suit your fancy or shop for treats you liked
Teach you crafts, go camping, fish or ride a bike

I could help with all your homework and learn along the way
I could be so many occupations in any given day
My intellect was sharpened by being doctor, tutor, judge
Reading bedtime stories, prayers and goodnight hugs

I could style your pretty hair, design and make your clothes
And you would laugh or cry, whichever way it goes
I could cheer you on at swimming and races you would run
Drop everything I'd planned when you needed me to come

I could encourage you to paint or play music at your will
Fill your soul with wonder and God's amazing love instill
Until today you've grown, with sweet memories to take away
To never leave our hearts, forever, love remains

I love you today my dearest always

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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