For Granted !!

Today as I sit on the hillside,
Overlooking the lake.
I thought of all the love,
For granted that I take.

I felt the breeze blowing,
Gently through my hair.
I could feel you in the sunshine,
So I knew you were there.

I could see the wildflowers,
that were growing in the field,
And you could see the crossroad,
And the sign that read yield.

I saw cows grazing in the meadow,
Just below where I sat.
The ripples from the water,
I could almost hear that.

I gaze at your beauty,
all around as far as I can see,
As I sat beneath the willow,
At least a hundred year old tree.

I can't believe all the beauty,
that surrounds me in the shade.
It's just so mystical,
To see all the Lord has made.

How could we not see His love,
in everyday pleasures.
All the love He put in His,
Every day treasures.

To see a rose unfold,
would take your breath away.
To watch those delicate hummingbirds,
Busy at both work and play.

To see His busy bumble bees,
or the deer who frolic by,
To watch a baby bird in flight,
on it's very first try.

Things that we take for granted,
maybe we do need to see.
Then we could share in the Love,
God's given to you and me.

If you've never seen a rainbow,
or seen a shooting star at night.
Then I am here to tell you,
It's such an incredible sight.

Don't take these things for granted,
Tomorrow is not a guarantee,
Enjoy what God has created today,
And thank Him graciously.

The world is so full of splendor,
Detailed by God's own hand,
And His reason being,
Was to share it all with man.

God loves all of His children,
There's nothing He wouldn't do,
So take time to smell those roses,
That unfold so delicately for you.

Brenda D King 2006

Thou wilt show me the path of life:
in thy presence is fullness of joy;
At thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.
Psalm 16: 11


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