~ For Life ~

Doves mate for life
Together they will always be
Constantly looking after each other
Nesting in a nearby tree.

These doves have been together
Through many days, nights, and years
Teaching their young everything
So many they have reared.

But this season will be different
They've returned to the same nest
Ready to give birth once again
And put their young through the test.

Mama bird sits on her eggs
While Papa goes out to feed
Many hours have passed by
And Mama starts feeling the need.

She gets off the nest for a moment
Searches the sky for her mate
But he won't be coming back today
This time he met his fate.

While returning to relieve her
A hawk captures him in its claws
Death was quick and painless
Such is Mother Nature's laws.

But still Mama waits patiently
For her mate to return
Two days have come and gone by
But for him, she does yearn.

Each day she travels out on the limb
Searching the sky high and low
Soon she will abandon the nest
Her hunger tells her she must go.

The third day she finally realizes
Her nest she must leave
In order for her to stay alive
She has to go and feed.

Never again will she mate
Alone she will always be
No more young will she rear
Such is her destiny.

 Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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