~ For My One True Love ~

There was a time,
That l thought dreams
Are meant to be broken,
Thatís just life it seems.

Then you came along
As a real good friend,
And showed me dreams
Donít have to end.

For when I am down,
You hold my hand.
And when I am sad,
You seem to understand.

Our friendship just seemed
To grow and grow,
Then, I fell for you
And I had to tell you so.

I was so afraid
Youíd just run away,
But you loved me back,
And it made my day.

You beckon to me,
With that smiling face,
And your outstretched arms,
Just makes my heart race.

I want to hold you close,
Kiss your lips so sweet,
Yes, a love like ours,
Is just hard to beat.

Youíre the first thing I see
When I wake up in the morn,
And the last thing at night,
When Iím tired and torn.

I know, my darling,
You are here to stay.
I will love you forever,
Till the end of my days.

Lu Dube
© 2003 used with permission

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