~ For Our Dear Pokey ~

Our Lord, and Father as You hold
our Dear Pokey to Your heart,
We know Your arms carry her in all
You bestow upon her life
Of all You have for her,
Your beauty, life forevermore,
Your special way of love divine.

Never lost is all that is most loved,
For all of love is You, to keep,
In all that is unseen,
Grant her strength, the peace to bless her heart,
dear Father yet
bear the pain and suffering,
this great sorrow wept.

Please Lord, our prayer, dear
Father, Thy will, her soul be kept,
Held, encased, enfolded,
in all that lies upon her way, thus comforted
e'er drawn apart by all You are,
Oh, hold her close-dear Father
as You love,
Dear Jesus, hold her to Your heart


Soft whispers and love
for dearest Pokey from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

In the garden, there the closeness
The nearness to the Lord apart
Of bended knee alone to hear...
Love whispered by His heart



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