~ For Summer's Ours Today ~

Come, take my hand, let's go
Explore beyond the way
Let's skip among the flowers
For summer's here today

Come, walk the path of sunshine
'Neath skies of deepest blue
We'll twirl and laugh and play all day
And enjoy the pretty view

Let's go, race the breeze
And dance within the waves
Throw bubbles in the air
Praise God for all He made

We'll walk and walk, 'til we are tired
And talk of all we know
But leave a trail of footprints
To find our way back home

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

To spend a summers day on the beach with a friend,
must be one of God's finest gifts.
To run within the spray, to lie on
the sand under the bright blue sky, listening to
wavelets, watching clouds fly across the
sky, must be a little bit of heaven...
~ blossoms~


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