~ Friends Are Always There ~

Friends are like beautiful flowers
Growing and blooming each day
In your heart of hearts
You can just feel they are there to stay

Some are just an acquaintance
They are not always your friend
For after a while they're gone
But a friend is there to the end

I treasure these 'friends' I've gained
From out in cyberland
Tho' I 've never seen them face to face
I can feel they understand

How much I need them all
And love them with all of my heart
I wait for those daily visits
They give my day such a beautiful start

There is nothing like a dear friend
One you can count on to be there
Knowing that just a few words
Shows you how much they care

You feel they are sincere
And will help in troubled times
But you can feel their smile
Coming your way all the time!

Betty Hill 2007


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